PRESS RELEASE: A1 Coaching Back Motion to Introduce Insurance & Road Tax for Cyclists

A1 Coaching are delighted to officially announce that we will be supporting the Government’s motion to introduce compulsory insurance and road tax (whatever that actually is) for cyclists in Ireland. The decision comes following talks with insurance companies and Govt. representatives last night.

A spokesperson for one of Ireland’s leading political parties said “We are delighted to have A1 Coaching on board and supporting our plans for compulsory insurance and road tax. Last year, cyclists caused over 5.5 million euro in damages to emotional property. That money could have easily been put towards development of the Strategic Communications Unit and even lowering the seafront wall in Clontarf.” Furthermore, the spokesperson added that “It’s high time road tax was implemented, too. Emissions from cyclists riding at Vo2 max last year was responsible for the heavy snow that carpeted the country last month.”

It is believed that insurance premiums are likely to range from 1,200 – 3,400 euro per year. The figures are based on an investigation by the The Wexford And Tipperary Society for HGVs In Transport (TWATSHIT), who provided evidence of multiple egos that were damaged “beyond repair” after being held up by cyclists on the road. It is estimated that motorists were late arriving to their destinations by up to a startling 3 minutes on average last year – with some instances of people being delayed by 5 minutes.

A1 Coaching will be rolling out the “Insurance Premium Blueprint” in the coming weeks, in anticipation of great excitement amongst the public.