I’m on a bit of a mission since coming back to cycling.
Stepping away from the sport gave me some perspective. For the first time, I was able to look from the outside in.
Some of the things we do in cycling are just insane. Best practice from other sports is being completely ignored and avoided.
Since setting up A1 in 2011 I’ve noticed the coaching landscape has changed a lot. When I started A1 Coaching there was almost no formal coaching companies – it was hard to track down a cycling coach. Now a quick google search will show you 100’s, everyone is a cycling coach.
Anyone who gets a few results thinks they’ve unlocked the key to a lifestyle business and starts charging for the tips and tricks which got them to the top.
There is one huge problem with this copycat culture – the industry has stopped innovating.
Stepping out of the sport for 18 months has given me amazing perspective.
I’ve come back into racing in the last few months but this time i’m doing it all different.
I won’t accept what we’ve been told for years is “par for the course”. Old dogmas like “Never stand if you can sit, never sit if you can lie down and if you can lie down always sleep”. These traditions not only paint cycling as a sport which must consume your entire life (it’s all or nothing) but they fly in the face of peer-reviewed best practice on recovery and longevity.
There is even a medical term for the behavior we have normalized “active couch potato syndrome”. Endurance athletes are starting to exhibit symptoms of chronic disease much the same as completely sedentary non-athletes.
This comeback is different.
There is a way to train which will give you life off the bike.
There is a way to train which will have you completely shredded without needing to train 10 plus hours per week.
There is a way to train which means you can run or hike on your recovery day DOMS the following day.
There is a way to train which will have you mentally fresh for every session and mad for road.
Stick with me on this comeback.
I’m about to completely change how we coach endurance athletes.