Coach Anthony Walsh 

At different times in my life Cycling has meant something different to me. As a child cycling was my means of adventure. Allowing me to explore beyond the confines of my local village. As I grew my relationship with the bike morphed. Through Law School the bike became my instrument of liberation - freeing me from traffic jams, frustration and saving me countless hours.
The installation of my first power meter, after graduation, changed the bike for me. I would become a student of the sport, studying the greats Kelly, Mercx & Coppi. I married centuries of tradition with my ability to research. The harmony of Tradition meets Science allowed me to gain an unfair advantage in my pursuit to become a professional cyclist.
I was now earning my living through cycling. A dream? Or was it....
I soon realized, for me, cycling so never about riding the Tour de France. It was a tool I used to stay happy and healthy.
With the same focus which brought me through law School and into the professional peloton I pursued the answer to one question.
“How do I use Cycling as a tool to achieve Health, Happiness & Longevity?”
I traveled the world, read thousands of books, attended seminars and became obsessed with this one question.
I now wake every day with energy, vitality, focus and strength. I’ve applied these principles to my own life.
A1 Coaching is my vehicle for teaching you.  

- Anthony