An Instructional Talk is one of the best ways to impart training advice and guidelines to a group. A1 Coached Instructional Talks last 2 hours and will cover a variety of topics based on the phase of the season.

 There are three separate Instructional Talks are available:

Succesful Season Foundation

Here we’ll cover what you need to get started building a successful foundation this season. 
Cross Training – Is it a good idea? What type should I be doing and how often?
Strength Training – We’ll debug all of the myths surrounding this contentious area, separate fact from fiction and leave you with a workable strength training plan.
Base training – What is it and how do I lay the groundwork now for a fruitful season later?
Goal Setting
Recovery Strategies – We’ll let you in on the secrets of the Pro’s!

Targeting Priority Event

You’ve worked so hard all year and your target is approaching. Now is the crucial time. Too much training, too little or the wrong type can derail everything. We’ll cover: 
Sessions to achieve peak performance
How to Taper?
How to prepare mentally for your A – Race?
Equipment choices
Race strategy
Hydration and Nutrition
Evaluation of this training phase
Transition towards your next goal

Building Through the Season

You have the best part of the winter behind you and race season is upon you. How do you use the coming races to improve your chances of getting the results you want in your A-Priority event? 
When to start adding race specific intensity into your sessions?
What sort of sessions should I be doing at this time of year?
Pros/Cons of Club League participation.
Managing your race schedule to achieve peak performance when you need it
Race preparations
Race Nutrition and Recovery
Motor Pacing
Using your power meter for optimal performance.